Share ideas anywhere.

Investors stealing your startup ideas? Now you can keep non-disclosure agreements at your fingertips. With the PocketProtectorTM: Anytime NDATM, your ideas are safe wherever your business takes you.


Protect your genius.


Predatory designers and developers are everywhere. They lure unsuspecting founders to coffee shops, hunting for the only thing they are missing — a billion dollar idea. Don't fall victim to their traps. Protect your genius today with The PocketProtectorTM: Anytime NDATM.


Perfect for startup ideas related to:

  • Social Networks
  • Mobile Apps
  • Blatant Ripoffs

If you have as many great ideas as I do, you know how scary it is to share them with successful entrepreneurs or investors. You never know if they'll drop everything to build a new business and profit off of your intellectual property. I sleep a little easier thanks to PocketProtectorTM.

Colin Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Fuctio

Designed for great ideas.

The revolutionary design of the PocketProtectorTM: Anytime NDATM :

  • Pad of 25 Individual Legal Agreements
  • 4.25" x 5.5"
  • Classic Rectangular Lines
  • High Contrast Legibility
    • Bleached Bone White Paper
    • Midnight Black Ink
  • Lightweight Chipboard Backer
  • Optimized for Pen or Pencil

I like to carry pens in my shirt pocket but sometimes the ink leaks out and ruins the fabric. I've found that if I carefully fold the paper of the pad and put the tips of the pens inside, it works pretty well. I really liked the plastic ones they used to make, but this is better than nothing.

Crawford G. Hampton, Retired

Coming soon!


With the PocketProtectorTM: Anytime NDATM StorageStationTM you can safely store all your signed agreements and essential office paperwork away from prying eyes with our proprietary analog encryption technology.


Act today.

You never know what an entrepreneur is really thinking. Protect your genius startup ideas today with the PocketProtectorTM: Anytime NDATM.


Happy April Fools from User10! We really made these so if you order one, you'll get one. Questions? Contact us at nda@user10.com